Sunday, August 13, 2006

Karmic Inversion
Reading Herr Goldstein, I came across a link to this post at Alarming News, which in turn links to this Hindustan Times article. I'll excerpt the same section Karol chose:
Money sent to Pakistan for quake rehabilitation was used to fund the Heathrow bomb attack plot that was foiled by British authorities, says an investigation by a leading Pakistani daily.

According to the Daily Times, the Muslim Charity of UK remitted a huge amount of money to three individuals in three different bank accounts in Mirpur, Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) in December 2005 as earthquake relief.

But the money in the three accounts in Saudi Pak Bank, Standard Chartered and Habib Bank Ltd was solely for the purpose of financing the foiled bomb plot, the paper said.
I cannot see how to improve upon Karol's summation:
Just to recap: Brits, as well as other westerners I presume, donated money to earthquake relief in Pakistan. That money was then used to try and murder them.
It reminds me of the story about the kid with the prosthetic leg who was attacked by teens who took the leg and beat him with it.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

First Katrina, Now This
Bush not only hates blacks, he apparently hates Chinese as well.
"Nobody has told us anything. Nobody has been round to help clear up. It seems we've been left on our own," he says through metal-capped teeth in uncertain-sounding Mandarin.
He can be certain of this much: Bush's project to manipulate global weather (cleverly disguised as 'global warming',) with help from fantastically powerful beings from another dimension, has claimed more victims.


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