Wednesday, April 09, 2003

It pisses me off.

The majority of the media I encounter on a daily basis, irrespective of political or philosophical identification, strikes me as tendentious and abrasive. For too many and profound reasons to enumerate at this moment, I regard genuine objectivity as functionally impossible – BUT – I see no reason why writers/reporters can’t attempt to present multiple opinions and name the body of thought associated with each opinion. Is the “conventional wisdom” really that empiricism is so ridiculous that people can’t be trusted to make up their own minds?

It’s not just the media – politicians are just as bad…worse. I hear platitude after platitude in the made-for-tv communications of the body politic – but never any attempt to elucidate the philosophical antecedents of the specificities of Senator X’s positions. Would it be so terrible for the left to admit that the right doesn’t want the indigent to rot in the gutter – they just believe the issue should be addressed through different means? Couldn’t the right speak calmly about the possibility that a reasonable person could have a cogent argument in opposition of the war (not that I’ve heard any)?

I want to launch into what I perceive to be the failure of classical academia to effectively market the enlightenment, but I am in pursuit of some capital and idle bloviation will not bring it nearer. Another time…

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