Tuesday, April 15, 2003

My experience with Blogger has been less than stellar so far. Currently, my archive contains a link to a test post I used when I first started the blog. I deleted it some time ago, but there it remains – and even formatted in one of the default templates.

For those few who read this, should you be unfamiliar with Blogger, the blog administrator is provided a way to view archives and there are even buttons that say “delete.” One would naturally assume that clicking such a button would result in the deletion of something. One would be wrong in this case. Clicking said button returns inscrutable error messages, and a consultation of the convoluted “Knowledge Base” seems to suggest that, yes, in fact, you can NOT delete the archives using the captious delete button, or indeed any other method (getting to that). I am not certain that this is what the “Knowledge Base” wants me to know, because the language is unclear at best and contained in a section suggesting that posts may not be deleted even if the site is deleted (?!?)

Well – I rather enjoy it anyway, despite the shortcomings, because I’m publishing my very own rubbish for pennies.

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