Saturday, May 17, 2003

The Banal Terrorists

In my humble opinion, these folks are terrorists. They are targeting Huntingdon Life Sciences for their use of animal testing, and the methods they employ are quite abhorrent. Here’s a particularly nasty specimen:
Activists paid a Mother's Day visit to the homes of Chiron employees late Sunday night to serve as a warning of things to come if they do not sever al times to Huntingdon Life Sciences immediately. The company's chairman of the board (address removed) was awoken by a personal alarm screaming in the night and a putrid stench rising up from the floor of his home.
This is not a cosmetics firm; they develop diagnostics for HIV among other things. In fact, if you are interested in a sober evaluation of the situation, check out their pages concerning ethical issues. On the other hand, if its hand waving and bluster in which you’re interested, check out SHAC’s vitriol. The intellectual bankruptcy of SHAC’s rhetoric should be immediately obvious.

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