Friday, May 23, 2003

Two Things

1. Steve Verdon has a new site and the Movable Type look is more suited to his brand in my humble opinion.

2. This one will only be useful to web developers and designers: There is a tool called DHTML Menu Builder, written by one Xavier Flix, that for under $100, will give you the ability to create a wide array of completely customizable (font, background images, borders, etc) hierarchical menus that will work in almost any browser. This is a significant value. What makes this software even more incredible is the support that the author provides. I have never waited more than 24 hours to hear directly from the author on implementation questions — in fact, there have been occasions where he has posted a new build of the software containing new functionality that I had asked about on the previous day. Did I mention free upgrades? I don't often promote products, but this guy deserves all the business he can handle.

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