Friday, August 08, 2003

I think I may be on to something

...although in these situations, it often turns out that I am, in fact, not. I shall not, however, allow that to deter me in the least.

You see, I got to wondering tonight about the motion of people in a large group. Consider, for example, the flow of foot traffic in the corridor of Busch Stadium during a Cardinals game. How, if at all, does the ostensible free will of the individuals moving through/with/against the throng effect their movement? Does the human consciousness have any sort of mathematically discernable impact on an individual’s behavior in a situation like this? Or upon the pattern of the entire motion taken as a whole?

In particular I wonder, if one could describe the motion of both water molecules in flowing water and people in a flowing crowd with some success mathematically, would it then be possible to make some comparisons? Would these comparisons provide any insight into the nature of free will?

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