Friday, May 28, 2004

Super Sized Asshat

The Blogfather has today a link to this great little piece by Doug Kern over at TCS about the interminably idiotic Morgan Spurlock. I doubt I could add to this article, but I shan't be shy about quoting my favorite bit:
He has inaugurated a new genre of documentary: the "Freak Does Something Disgusting And Gets Sick" movie. Such documentaries can only advance our understanding of human endurance, not to mention abnormal psychology. Perhaps we can look forward to such titles as:

"Make That a Double," wherein our intrepid filmmaker resolves to drink alcohol as his beverage of choice for all three meals. If asked to "make that a double?" he must say yes. And he must eventually try every liquor on the premises. Result? His liver looks like a Brillo pad and his brain looks like Spongebob Squarepants. Moral: fight Big Alcohol by outlawing demon rum. (It's been tried? Shut up, history boy. That was before the Internet, so it doesn't count.)

"Unlimited Trips To The Pasta Bar? Sure!" It's the same as Super Size Me!, but at Golden Corral. Result: Spurlock explodes on day five. Moral: Hurray for Golden Corral!

"I'll Have a Venti!" wherein our intrepid director takes all his drinks at Starbucks, paying the extra twenty cents for a super-grande mega-trough of energy-packed java when asked if he'd like to do so. Result: jittery, paranoid, and voluble, Spurlock becomes a freelance writer. Moral: caffeine is the backbone of a free and literate society.
Had Spurlock managed to do himself in by way of Big Macs, he would have certainly qualified for a Darwin Award.

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