Friday, July 30, 2004

Object Permanence and the Postmodern Milieu
It is amusing, no? Rational analysis, unwittingly employed by the wooly-headed, ironic, effete chatterers, for whom the "new age" is not a laughing matter, in the attempt to "deconstruct" those institutions for which rational analysis is fundamental. It is an intellectual bootstrapping that, in its smug crusade against modernity, cannot avoid its own blade. In its wake is left a humanity which was promised the opportunity for real self-determination as assured in the form of an empiricism which the priests of narcissism have now turned against itself. As these autists hold forth that George Bush would surreptitiously have us in the 19th Century, they predicate this sort of prevarication with the kind of philosophical underpinnings that rather overtly embrace a return to the 40th Century - B.C.E. It should come as little surprise that Democrats respond with ennui elation to the unctuous principles of Ol' Weather-Vain Kerry.

The French, arbiters of all things sophisticated, are the paragon of postmodernity and as such, be warned that warmongering James Lileks should not be trusted in his completely unwarranted criticism of this great counterweight to U.S. hegemony.  /sarcasm

Seriously, IMO, Lileks is one of the unmitigated stars blogdom and a brilliant writer. That I don't have the bleat in my blogroll is a problem soon to be remedied.

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