Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Zeitgeist of the Last Fifteen Minutes
Watching the RNC, I wonder whether there might not be a lot of Americans for whom, having grown nauseated in digesting an inexorable flood of yank-bashing, this convention is something of a balm. The progenitor of this self-flagellation is my parent's generation - the sanctimonious "Boomers." Deciding in their adolescence that they should "speak truth to power," the boomer media managerial hierarchy, continue to hold forth thusly, callow in their anopsia to the fact that they have become the power. In their sophomoric identification with Orwell, they fail to realize that the "nuanced" dialectic of Europe and the American post-modern left has calcified into it's own mental authoritarianism. The most frightening and elucidating manifestation of this is the way in which the indictments leveled by the fortunate recipients of their parents' sacrifice in WWII, have been appropriated by the Muslim fascists.

I foresee the precipitous rise of the South Park Republican.

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