Thursday, September 02, 2004

Evolutionary Civil Development and Terror
John Kerry wants to fight a "more sensitive" war on terror. It seems strange that it must be said so often and with so little impact, but I’m all for pissin’ in the ocean, so here goes: The level of consciousness (vis-à-vis one’s social context) necessary to be able to frame conflict in terms of sensitivity is simply not something to which fully two-thirds of the population of the planet are availed. Let me try that again: Kerry’s position requires all negotiators can agree to certain philosophical ground rules. I am suggesting that the environmental requirements by which such a philosophy becomes possible in the mind of any given person are plainly not present in most of the world.

I’m frustrated that it is so difficult to find coverage of the siege at School #1. I’m just not open-minded enough to think that a dead sea’s worth of sensitivity would have any effect other than emboldening more – and more horrific examples – of this.

As an aside, it is one of many examples of which I am made conscious, of the power of distributed systems that Stan of Logic and Sanity is livetranslatiblogging the Russian wire reports about the siege.

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