Saturday, October 09, 2004

Wash U Debate
Nutshell: Bush was articulate. This man is clearly not the simpleton the media would have us believe him to be. Kerry is likewise articulate, perhaps moreso, but this debate reinforced the image I have of him as a Seth Pecksniff, "a direction-post which is always telling the way... , and never gets there."

Anyway, having read a truly ridiculous number of debate blognalyses, I have to quote an amusing bit from this summation by Daisy Cutter.
My 11-year-old interjects this: "I bet if the audience could talk, they would ask what his plan is."

Indeed, the audience is skeptical. A voter asks, "Will you look into the camera and tell us you won't raise taxes?" Then ... Lerch-Munster approaches the camera and it looks like he's coming into my living room. Get out of here!! Hide the children. Is he taking a head count to charge us per person?! Scary.

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