Sunday, October 10, 2004

Zen and the Art of the Rant
I've been made aware of two blogs about which I was previously unaware.

One of them is brand spankin' new and belongs to the august personage of one Abram Siemsen. This dude is smart, multi-talented and snarky which make him, in my mind, a blogstar potentate. I'm guessing his blog will be consistently provocative and his position vis-a-vis political philosophy will be hard to pin down, all of which make for a great read. I was vexed by his very first (well second) post.

The other and rather excellent blog is The Ranting Haze. A colleague of mine directed me to this blog ("Haze" is a friend of his.) I have yet to determine much in the way of details about the guy responsible for this blog other than that he's damn well-spoken and seems to be neck-deep in the study of medicine (or related.) He seems to be either a partisan Republican or Libertarian, but in either case, his blog is informative and witty.

Perhaps I shall get motivated and update my blogroll someday...

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