Thursday, November 11, 2004

One Need Only Read Jeff
I was preparing to launch into a snarky diatribe against Former President Jimmy Carter concerning his decision to lionize and eulogize Yasser Arafat as "a powerful human symbol" and not include "of evil," but as is often the case, Jeff Goldstein beat me to it and did so with more wit than I could possibly muster. To wit:
Reached for comment, pieces of dead Israeli school children blown to bits by Arafat-directed suicide bombers over the years asked if former President Carter "wouldn't mind fucking right off." Only they said it in Hebrew.
Oh, and in the interest of piling on, Drudge has linked to a story about the unctious Suha Arafat's deal to receive $22m a year from the Palestinian Authority. Has this woman no shame? With this kind of leadership, it is no surprise that the Palestinians are living in squalor - they need not look to Israel to explicate their lot.

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