Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Leftist Schadenfreude
Legion are the examples in which an anti-war activist (often US citizens) presents to a protest with a banner, sign or tee-shirt proclaiming their desire that the US fail in its mission in Iraq. That someone can simultaneously endorse both pacifism and the cause of the terrorists is clearly fraught with incongruity, but as they say, "Never try to teach a pig to sing..."

Now it seems the MSM have gotten into the game of at least tacitly supporting the propaganda of the opponent. Couple that with the MSM's propensity to ignore stories which would seem to support the US mission and one begins to see a picture of Machiavellian perfidy. To what recent media innovation do I owe this opportunity to whinge about the MSM? It is this post by Oz Blogger Arthur Chrenkoff in which he discusses a poll run by "the Iraqi Arabic newspaper 'Almidhar'."
778 Baghdadis were asked:

Do you support the pull out of foreign troops?

At once - 12.56%
According to a future timetable - 81.80%
Do not know - 5.64%

Has the security situation improved since the start of the new government?

Yes - 55%
No - 35%
No change - 10%
Read the whole post, he goes on to discuss the way in which the US media spun the April 9th demonstrations in Baghdad. Which is to say the coverage suggested that the protest was aimed squarely at the US when in fact, the overwhelming majority of the signs (in Arabic) being carried called for Saddam's trial and hanging, or spoke to the disgust the Iraqis are coming to feel for the insurgents.

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