Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Rush Of Thud To The Head
Coldplay's Chris Martin recently chose to expose his extensive and punctilious knowledge of the theory and study of both Ethics and Economics*. We learn that:
Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin today launched an attack on his record label EMI and the company's shareholders.

It came after EMI, the world's third-largest music company, warned that profits would be lower because the band took longer than expected to finish their first studio album in three years.

But as Coldplay prepared for a concert in New York to promote their new album, called X&Y, Martin said: "I don't really care about EMI. I'm not really concerned about that.
Is this some kind of publicity stunt? He goes on:
"I think shareholders are the great evil of this modern world."

He criticised what he called "the slavery that we are all under to shareholders".
Really, I can't believe he said that. This must be an elaborate hoax. Chris and Charles Murray are somewhere having a pint and laughing about this.

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